1 week post Facebook

I do not miss Facebook.

Since deleting my account last week I feel great.

My house is more organised, less time spent trawling through pointless posts.

I have read more than I have in ages. (Even ordered another book as I have nearly finished my current one)

I feel calmer and more positive.

I am sleeping better as I am not reading my phone in bed.

I have been doing some drawing and painting.

Hopefully this continues!


The wind it blew around her face.

It’s cold embrace touching every part of her.

As it danced around her hair it swirled like snakes trapped in a vortex, curling and caressing.

Her nose felt cold.

Her ears, although partially wrapped in her thick woollen scarf felt as if they were on fire. An odd way to describe something so cold that it felt much the opposite.

She closed her eyes, now stinging, and remembered a time there was warmth and imagined the sun, so bright that she had to squint to stop herself from being blinded.

Today was different, today was wild, today was winter.

Sugar free February!

Move over Vegan January (not that I took part anyway!) Sugar Free February is here!

Organised by one of the major cancer charities, the idea is to cut sugar out of your diet for a month.

In practice this means avoiding cakes, cookies, crisps, fizzy drinks, pasta etc. They aren’t concerned with dairy and fruit sugars, just the processed kind.

I discovered Dr Fung last year and have on and off been following his advice (he talks about intermittant fasting and a low carb/keto diet). As someone who has PCOS, cutting back on sugar can only be a good thing!

So now that January is out of the way I am going to try and have a really good go at reducing my processed food intake. Maybe not totally, because we have food in the cupboard to eat that I will not be throwing away! Perhaps with the fasting chucked in I can see about shifting some inches!

Is anyone else having a go at this? Has anyone done this already? I would love to hear how you are getting on. 🙂

Day one – My name is Emily and I was addicted to Facebook.

Hello reader!

Welcome to my day one of deleting Facebook. It has been a part of my life for the last 10+ years and quite frankly it has taken over a huge chunk of my life!

I found myself checking throughout the day each time that little number appeared against the app on my phone. I would check it first thing in the morning and just before bed.

I do not even know what I was checking for? Over the years my feed had become filled with useless adverts and people sharing animal abuse, news stories and things to do with food. Far from the humble beginnings of sharing a few photos with family.

Looking down my friends list I realised I really didn’t know these people. Sure, I had their name and knew what they were having for dinner but if we met for a coffee what would we say to each other?

After learning about Kon Marie and starting to declutter my home I started thinking about my life in general too. So far I have signed up to an art degree and now I have deleted Facebook. It was certainly not “sparking joy”.

I hope by deleting my account I can now dedicate more time to my husband and artwork and also be happier in general without my depressing news feed.

Stay tuned to see how I get on without it!